Studio A


        The heart of Barefoot Recording features a custom 60 channel UnderToneAudio console. With 24 busses, 6 aux sends, Flying Faders II Automation, and every channel outfitted with the custom UTA equalizer, it is the most versatile and musical analog console we've ever used. For monitoring, a pair of Urei 813c mains sit atop two custom sub-cabinets – complimented (or detreimented, depending on your worldview) by a pair of Yamaha NS-10s. 

          Studio A's ever-evolving sound room houses most of Barefoot's musical toys – from drumsets, to guitars, to amplifiers, to shakers, and to the 9ft. Yamaha Grand Piano. It has dimensions of 35'x40' with a 16' ceiling. Combined with curtains surrounding and dividing the room, as well as numerous movable baffles, the room can accomidate most any kind of live recording. For a full equipment list, click here.

          Attached to the sound room is a large isolation booth for a dryer sound. And for the opposite effect, we also have an echo chamber that adjoins to the sound room to capture some nice natural reverb.



The LC60 is the first console commissioned by UTA. It was designed and assembled at Barefoot Recording and currently holds a full time job in Studio A making records.


  • 60 channels of UTA channel strips

    1. 24 busses

    2. 6 aux sends

    3. 4 additional external monitoring inputs

    4. Tube mix buss and control room outputs

    5. Analog VU metering for channels, busses, & aux sends

    6. Individual level & pan control on buss sends for surround mixing

    7. Undertone Audio EQ on every channel

    8. Built-in audiophile headphone amp

    9. Equipped with Martinsound Flying Faders II system



Our beautiful and versatile live room features two spacious iso booths, 16 channel aviom headphone mixers, custom microphone positioning robots, baffles, moveable heavy floor to ceiling curtains, "live" and "dead" sides, echo chamber, and a fully adjustable drumbrella.



In addition to the beautiful 9foot Yamaha grand piano, Studio A also comes with a an array of outboard gear,  including 2 UTA Unfairchilds, and an EMT plate,  and access to Barefoot's collection of drums, guitars, keyboards and amps.