Combining the outboard and mic locker of a historic  commercial recording studio with the instruments, vibe and creativity of a working producer’s private studio, Barefoot has it all.

Not to mention two custom Undertone Audio Consoles, four UnFairchilds, racks of MPDI-4's, and a few UTA secret weapons not yet available anywhere else.

60-track UTA console


60 ch. Custom Untertone Audio console
- Martinsound Flying Fader Automation
- 24 busses
- 60 channels 4-band parametric UTA EQs

48 ch. Custom Undertone Audio console
- Martinsound Flying Fader Automation
- 24 busses
- 48 channels 4-band parametric UTA EQs



AKG C12A (x2)
AKG C414
AKG C451E (X2)
AKG C 451 EB (x2)
Audio Technica AT835b
Audio Technica ATM25
Beyerdynamic MC740N
Josephson C42(pair)
Neumann M49b
Neumann CMV3
Neumann KM184 (x2)
Neumann KM56 (x2)
Neumann M582 (x3)
Neumann U47
Neumann U47 FET (x2)
Neumann U64
Neumann U67 (x2)
Neumann U87 (x2)
Schoeps 221B (x2)
Shure SM81
Sony C37A (x2)
Sony C37P
Sony C500
Telefunken 251

 AKG D109 (X2)
AKG D12 (X3)
AKG D19(X4)
AKG D20 (X5)
Altec 632C
Altec 633A (x3)
Beyer M88
Beyer-Dynamic M201 (x2)
E/V Model 605
E/V Model 630
E/V Model 655
E/V Model 664
E/V Model 666
E/V Slimair Model 636
ElectroVoice PL20
ElectroVoice RE20
Monarch TM-16
Sennheiser MD409 U3
Sennheiser MD421 (x6)
Sennheiser MD441
Sennheiser MKH70
Shure 'Slim-X' 77S
Shure 520SL
Shure Beta 58A (x2)
Shure Sm57 (x5)
Shure SM7 (x2)
Shure Unidyne III 545D (x2)
Turner Dynamic 9D
Western Electric Salt Shaker 657A

Beyer-Dynamic M130 (x3)
Beyer-Dynamic M160 (x3)
Beyer-Dynamic M500 (x2)
Coles 4038 (x3)
RCA KU3a (x2)
RCA 44
RCA 77
RCA BK-5B (x2)
RCA Type SK-46
RCA Varicoustic (x3)
Reslo RBH
Royer R121 (x2)
Royer SF-12
Sandhill 6011A(x2)
Shure 300 (x2) 

American D22
American D4T
Astatic Corp JT-30-F
Crown PZM 30D
Crown PZM 30D
Stromberg-Carlson MD27
Turner Crystal Microphone


effects pedals

Boss - Compression Sustainer - CS-3                      
Boss - Blues Driver - BD-2        
Boss - Distortion - DS-1        
Boss - Metal Zone - MT-2        
Boss - SUPER Feedbacker & Distortion - DF-2     
Boss - SUPER Overdrive - SD-1        
Boss - Parametric Equalizer - PQ-4    
Boss - Bass OverDrive - ODB-3    
Boss - Flanger - BF-2        
Boss - Flanger - BF-3    
Boss - Digital Reverb - RV-5        
Boss - Digital Reverb/Delay - RV-3    
Boss - Chromatic Tuner - TU-2        
Boss - Noise Suppressor - NS-2        
Boss - Chromatic Tuner - TU-3    
Budda - Bud-Wah - Wah Pedal        
British Pedal Company - Tone Bender MKI
Custom - Green Overdrive            
Dallas Aribiter - Fuzz Face    
Dean Markley - Voice Box    
Death by Audio - Echo Dream 2
DOD - GRIND - FX-101        
DOD - GRUNGE - FX-69        
Dunlop - Rotovibe - JH-4S    
Dunlop - High Gain Volume Pedal - GCB-80        
Dunlop - Volume Pedal
Dunlop - Cry Baby 535 (Chrome)   
Dunlop - Cry Baby 536 (Black)
EarthQuaker Devices - Hoof V2
EarthQuaker Devices - Disaster Transport Sr.
Electro-harmonix - Hot Tubes
Electro-harmonix - Deluxe Electric Mistress (2)   
Electro-harmonix - Big Muff            
Electro-harmonix - Deluxe Octave Multiplexer    
Electro-harmonix - Stereo Memory Man - (x2)
Electro-harmonix - Small Clone - EH4600
Electro-harmonix - The Clone Theory
Electro-harmonix - Bass Micro Synthesizer    
Ernie Ball - Volume Pedal            
Ernie Ball - 250K Mono Volume Pedal
Heil Sound - Talk Box        
J.M.I. - Tone Bender Professional MK II
Line 6 - DL4 - Delay Modeler Pedal    
Line 6 - ToneCore - Verbzilla  
Lovetone - Big Cheese    
Lovetone - Meatball - Envelope Filter    
Lovetone - Ring Stinger - Ring Mod    
Maestro - Phaser        
Malekko - Ekko 616 - Analog Delay        
Morley - Pro Compressor - Mod-PCB    
Morley - Bad Horsie 2
MXR - Dyna Comp            
MXR - Distortion II            
MXR - Custom Badass Modified O.D.    
MXR - Ten Band Graphic Equalizer    
MXR  - Blue Box -  Octave Effect    
MXR - Octave Fuzz                
MXR - Phase 90        
MXR - Stereo Tremolo        
Plosive - Max Treble Booster        
Prescription Electronics - Experience
Polytone - R.S. Modulator
Roger Mayer - Classic Fuzz Face
Shin-Ei - Uni-Vibe
Voodoo Lab - Sparkle Drive        
Voodoo Lab - SUPERFUZZ    
Wattson Classic Electronics - Fuzz - FY-6    
Way Huge - Angry Troll - Linear Boost
Way Huge - Famulus - Distortion/Overdrive    
Way Huge - Fat Sandwich - Harmonic Saturator  
Way Huge - Pork Loin - Soft Clip Injection    
Way Huge - Red Llama - Overdrive    
Way Huge - Swollen Pickle mkII - Jumbo Fuzz    
Zvex - Wooly Mammoth Fuzz                            
Zvex - Ooh Wah II (Hand-Painted)

Tape Machines

Multi-track recorders:

Ampex    ATR-102
Ampex    354
Ampex MM-1200
Scully    16-Track
Studer    A-800 Mk. III
Pro Tools Ultimate



Electric Guitars:                    
DeArmond - 12-String        
Dillon - Brian May Signature        
Epiphone - Casino        
Fender - Esquire        
Fender - Stratocaster        
Fender - Stratosonic        
Gibson - L-6        
Gibson - SG        
Heit - Deluxe - 60s    
Jerry Jones - Danelectro Style        
Mosrite - Combo - Semi-Hollow    
Rickenbacker - 330        
Silvertone - Jupiter 1423        
Silvertone - Danelectro 1457        
Sprite - "Shark Guitar"        
Welson - Hollowbody        
Acoustic Guitars:            
Martin - 00-18C - Nylon String    
Gibson - J50        
Gretsch - New Yorker - 1953    
Epiphone - Vintage Acoustic        
Yairi Gakki - Nylon Acoustic        
Yamaha - 12-String        
Bass Guitars:            
Fender - Jazz Bass        
Fender - Precision Bass        
Gibson - Grabber        
Vox - Astro        
Japanese - Red Semi-Hollow    
Weston - "The Rail"        
Webcor - "Smash Mouth Bass"
Casio - Casiotone MT-36    
Casio - Casiotone MT-45 Casio - Casiotone 405  
Hammond - B3 w/ Leslie
Hohner - Clavinet        
Korg - Microkorg        
Korg - MS-20        
Moog - Mini Moog Voyager  
Moog - Little Phatty
Musser 75 Vibraphone   
Roland - JX-3P
Roland - Juno 6
Sequential Circuits Prophet Rev 2
Vox -  Jaguar        
Vox - Super Continental        
Wurlitzer  200a    
Yamaha - 9ft. Grand Piano C9



1960’s Slingerland Chrome Snare (6x14”)
2 Pearl Export Series (6x14”)
Tama Superstar (8x14”)
Tama Brass Snare (6x14”)
Ludwig Supraphonic Aluminum (5x14”)
Ludwig Acrolite (5x14”)
Ludwig Supraphonic Bronze Hammered (5x14)
Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic ( 5x14”)
Ludwig Vistalite Red (5x14”)
Ludwig USA Limited Edition Engraved Black Beauty (6.5x14”)
Sugar Percussion White Oak (6x14”)
Sugar Percussion Mahogany (6x14”)
Sugar Percussion Eastern Black Walnut (4x14”)
Truth Custom Drums Carbon Fiber Snare (6x14”)
Remo Quadura Piccolo Brass Snare (3.5x14”)
Firchie Time Machine (13” Top, 14” Bottom)
Sonor Select Jungle Snare (2x14”)
Pork Pie Maple Red (6x10”)


Ludwig Vistalite Red Hi-Tom (9x13”)
Ludwig Vistalite Red Mid-Tom (10x14”)
Ludwig Vistalite Red Floor-Tom (16x16”)
Ludwig Accent Tom (9x13”)
Ludwig Accent Floor-Tom (16x16”)
2 1960’s Ludwig Hollywood Classic Gold Mid-Tom (8x12”)
1960’s Ludwig Hollywood Classic Gold Floor-Tom (16x16”)
Sonor Phonic 9 Ply Beechwood Mid-Tom(11x12”)
Sonor Phonic 9 Ply Beechwood Hi-Tom (8x8”)
Sonor Phonic 9 Ply Beechwood Hi-Tom (10x10”)
Sonor Phonic 9 Ply Beechwood Tom (13x13”)
Sonor Phonic 9 Ply Beechwood Floor-Tom (14x14”)
Sonor Phonic 9 Ply Beechwood Floor-Tom (16x16”)
Sonor Phonic 9 Ply Beechwood Floor-Tom (18x16”)
Sugar Percussion Mahogany Tom (7x13”) 
Sugar Percussion White Oak Floor-Tom (13x16”) 
Sugar Percussion White Oak Floor-Tom (13x17”)

Kick Drums:
Sugar Percussion Alaskan Yellow Cedar Kick (Eric Valentine Signature Edition) 
1960’s Trixon Luxus 0/200 Red Croco Kick 
Ludwig Accent Silver Sparkle Kick 
Ludwig Vistalite Red Kick 
1960’s Ludwig Concert Style Pearl Bass Drum
Ludwig Accent Silver Sparkle Kick 
Leedy Reliance Model Two-Ply Laminated Kick Drum 


Hi Hats:
Bosphorus The Hammer: Jeff Hamilton 14" 
Sabian HHX Evolution 14” 
Masterwork Jazz Master 14” 
Zildjian Sound Effects  REMIX Jungle 13” 
Zildjian New Beat 15” 
Hammerax Custom 12”
Paiste Giant Beat 14” 
Paiste 3000 Rude 14” 
Paiste Signature Dark Crisp 14"
Paiste Formula 602 14” 
Paiste Medium-Light 14” 

Zildjian Avedis Splash 12"
Zildjian K Splash 10” 

Zildjian Oriental Trash Crash 14” 
Zildjian Avedis Custom Projection 18"
Zildjian Oriental Crash Of Doom 20” 
Paiste Fast Crash 18” 
Paiste Full Crash 20” 
Paiste Full Crash 18” 
2 Paiste Full Crash 16” 
2 Argent 16” Crash 
Peavey International Series II 18"

Sabian AA Metal-X 20” 
Sabian HHX Evolution 20” 
Zildjian Avedis Sweet Ride 21” 
2 Zildjian K Custom Hybrid 20” 
Zildjian K China Boy 19” 
Zildjian Sound Effects REMIX Breakbeat 18” 
Zildjian CrashRIDE 21” 
Paiste 2002 20”
Paiste 2002 22” 
Paiste Twenty Light Ride 22"
Paiste Giant Beat 20” 
Paiste Giant Beat 24” 
Paiste 2002 Reverend Al’s Big Ride 24” 
Hammerax Liquicy 22” 


Remo Surdo Brazilian Marcacao Drum (22x24”)
Leedy Precision Pedal Timpani (Pair) 
Tabla Drum (Pair) 

Unfairchilds from Undertone Audio


Mic Pres:

UTA - MDPI-4’s (x9) - (36 channels of UTA mic pres)
UTA - MPEQ-1 (x2)
Custom Pultec Clone Dual Preamp
Langevin AM-16 4-Ch. Mic Preamp (Studio B)
Neve 1064 Mic Pre/EQ Module (x3)
Summit TPA-200 Preamp (Studio B)
Universal Audio 2108 Dual Mic Preampa (Studio B)

AKG bx20e1 Spring Reverb
EMT 140 Plate Reverb
Eventide Clockworks Instant Flanger
Eventide Clockworks Instant Phaser
Eventide H3000 (x2)
Fairchild 659 Reverb
Lexicon 200 Reverb Unit
Multivox MXD-5 Reverb (x2)
Orban 111B Reverb
Quad Eight RV-10 Reverb
Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555
Roland Vocoder SVC-350
Ursa Major Space Station SST-282

API 560 EQ (x2)
Langevin AM-16 EQ
Langevin EQ-270A Graphic Equalizer (x2)
Orban 672A Graphic EQ
Pultec EQ EQP-1A

ADR Compex Limiter
ADR Vocal Stresser (x2)
Aphex 250 Compressor
Aphex 612 Expander Gate (x4)
Aphex Aural Exciter Type III
API 225L Compressor (200 series)
API 525 Compressor (x2)
BSS DPR-901 II Dynamic Equalizer (x6)
Crane Song STC8 Compressor
UTA Unfairchild (x3)
DBX 160 Compressor (x2)
DBX 162 Compressor (x2)
DBX 165A Compressor (x2)
DBX 902 Deesser
DBX 903 Compressor/Limiter (x2)
Decca Stereo Compressor
Eclair LA-LA Compressor
EMI Stereo Compresor
Empirical Labs Distressor (x4)
Gates STA-LEVEL Compressor (x2)
GML Compressor
RM Gate/Expander (x4)
Scamp 501 Compressor (x4)


Guitar Amps:                        
Ampeg - J-12T                    
Burman - Pro-502 HD - 50w                
Califone - Model 2V-5                    
Fender - Frontman 15R                    
Fender - Twin Reverb
Fender - Vibroverb                    
Gibson - Minuteman                    
Gibson - Invader Crestline - 1962    
Gibson - Skylark        
Hiwatt - Custom Hiwatt 50        
Magnatone - Custom 450                    
Magnatone - Tonemaster Custom 262R                  
Magnatone - Troubador Moder 213                    
Magnatone - Custom 460                    
Marshall - AFD100 Slash Signature                    
Marshall - Super Lead - 100w                
Matchless - Hurricane 15                    
Oldfield - Marquis "36  
Orange - Rockerverb 100w               
Orange - OR120                    
Orange - Orange Crush 10
Peavey - Basic 40
Silvertone - Model 1421 / 10XL                    
Silvertone - Model 1484                    
Silvertone - Model 1482                                       
Soldano - Super Lead Overdrive-100                
Sound-Craft Systems - Lecternette
Sunn - Sunn Beta Lead                    
Supro - Model 1633 - 1957            
Supro - Corsica                                 
Vox - AC-30 (1)                    
Vox - AC-30 (2)                    
Vox - Top Boost 30                    
Bass Amps:                        
Ampeg - B-15N                    
Ampeg - SVT                    
Ampeg - VT-40                    
Ashdown - Evo II 900                            

Guitar Cabinets:                        
Ampeg - ASVT                    
Marshall - 1960BV - 4x12 - 280w - (x2)
Marshall - Celestion Vintage 30s  
Vox - Weber Speaker               
Bass Cabinets:                        
Ampeg - SVT 15
Ampeg - SVT810E                    
Ampeg - SVT-810E                    
Guild - Thunderbass